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CENTEX american bulldogs

American Bulldog Facts

Q. Are American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogge, Hermes Bulldog, Alapaha Bluebloods, Old English Whites, the same breed?

A. No, they are not the same breed although they may share common ancestors.


Q. What are people talking about when they say that they have "Scott", "Painter", "Hines", "Blackwell", "Johnson" dogs or lines?

A. These are names of American Bulldog Breeders and some are established bloodlines. Both "types" have a certain "look" that the breeder is trying to promote. There really is no Painter Bloodline since he never bred long enough to establish a bloodline. Scott and Hines, or as the type is now known as, "Standard Type" tend to have longer thinner muzzles and are taller and slimmer dog with little underbite. Johnson or rather "Old" Johnson and Blackwell lines now called "Bully or Classic Type" have shorter, broader muzzles and are low slung dogs with more muscular thick bodies with an underbite. John D. Johnson has branched away from the American Bulldog in 1998 to create the JDJ bulldog, which is a very tall dog with a "Standard type" body and a "Bully" head. This is to be considered a different breed, which is now registered with John D. Johnson.

Q. Why aren't American Bulldogs registered with CKC or AKC?

A. American Bullldogs are considered a "Rare Breed" (relatively small in numbers and inconsistent in type). Until CKC and AKC member's vote for ABs to be recognized in the Miscellaneous class, the breed will continue to be registered with the ABA (American bulldog Association). ABA is promoting consistency in type and betterment of the breed through ethical breeder memberships. There are many other associations that register American Bulldogs. Some of the other ones are ARF (Animal Research Foundation), NABA (National American Bulldog Association), NKC (National Kennel Club), ABKC (American Bulldog Kennel Club), UKC (United Kennel Club), WWKC (World Wide Kennel Club) to name a few. Not all of them are reputable or conciencious about the breed.

Q. Are American Bulldogs expensive to buy?

A. They do cost more than the most common breeds usually $800.00-$1,500.00 depending on the quality, and guarantee offered. Because of how rare good quality ones are(ones who have tested clear of Hip Dysplasia, and have some titles), most breeders have had to import or ship their breeding stock and have paid top dollar for them as well. They have priced their pups accordingly. Most pet owners find the cost of a puppy minimal considering the years of enjoyment that owning a "unique" breed not just anyone has, or could afford, brings them.


Q. Do they require any special grooming?

A. No. They do need to have their ears dried especially well after a bath(1-2x a month), with a couple drops of baby oil in each ear. This is a single coated non-smelling breed that does minimally shed 2x a year.

Q. Is the American Bulldog sensitive to the heat and cold?

A. Yes. The American Bulldog does not have an undercoat and is sensitive to "extremes" in temperature. He can be housed outside in the winter if a heat source is provided and may suffer in the summer if it is very humid outside. The shorter the muzzle the more heat sensitive he will be.